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Course Releases – Group 5

The following courses have been released in Buzz as of May 26th. Please note that for each of these courses:

  • No substantive changes were made to any of the course curriculum.
  • Journal Activities were updated for enhanced clarity.
  • Rubrics were updated to adjusted point settings.
  • Course settings were modified to adjust grading category weights, course bundle codes, and participation activity settings.
  • Assessment titles were streamlined for easier navigation.
  • Minor HTML updates were made to improve interaction with text-to-speech tools.
  • Adjusted item coding to enhance compatibility with Buzz dark mode settings.
  • Canvas and Schoology releases are still pending.

Click on the button above to access a complete list of SY23-24 course releases.

Course TitleBuzzCanvasSchoology
Music AppreciationReleased
Pre-Calculus BReleased
Pre-Calculus B ISReleased