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Working with Accelerate Instructional Services

Accelerate Education teachers facilitate student learning by providing direct instructional support throughout the learning process.

Our teachers are highly qualified and certified/licensed in the subject areas they teach. They have extensive classroom experience and most have been teaching online for years. As a result, they understand the proactive approach and strategies needed to help students succeed online.

The resources on this page are intended for Administrators who have engaged Accelerate Education to provide instructional services for some or all of their program’s online courses.

Instructional Services Knowledge Base

The Student Experience

Accelerate teachers excel at engaging young learners. Synchronous sessions allow teachers to connect with students, observe their progress, and assess overall skill mastery. The sessions also provide important opportunities for teachers to build community.

Watch the videos below to experience how elementary teachers support students with the components of reading during fun, interactive synchronous sessions.

Sample 1st Grade Session
Sample 3rd Grade Session