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To Do List, Calendars, and Pacing

Target Audience: Teachers (Buzz)
General Pacing Concepts:
  • Most courses are created with the typical 18-week semester used as the course duration.
  • If users’ enrollment dates are close to the 90-day (18-week semester) you can expect:
    18 module courses – pacing should be about 1 module per week.
    6 module course – pacing should be about 1 module every 3 weeks.
Calendar Pacing – Continuous Course Type (platform paces):
  • Calendars in grades K-5 display both non-graded lesson activities and graded activities on the student Calendar view.
    –  Language Arts (75-90 minutes/day)
    –  Math (45-60 minutes/day)
    –  Science and Social Studies (30-45 minutes/day)
    –  Electives may only be assigned a few times a week.
    –  Note: The above times are estimates based on the average student with a 90-day semester.
  • Calendars in grades 6-12 only display graded activities. Lesson activities are not displayed.
    –  Times per day vary based on student and curriculum.
    – Students often just click on their course cards and pick up where they left off the previous day. They occasionally check their gradebook or calendar to verify they are not getting behind.
  • Teachers should not look at their personal calendars on the Buzz platform, as teachers’ start dates and end dates differ from those of their students. Teachers can see student due dates by drilling down on a student’s name from their People or Gradebook view.
To-Do List Pacing – Continuous Course Type (platform paces):
  • The To-Do List populates only graded activities across all grades, so we suggest de-emphasizing its usage.
  • The To-Do List cannot be hidden.
  • The To-Do List will display past-due graded items only.
Range Courses – Teacher Paced Courses:
  • In courses set to “Range,” teachers are responsible for determining the pace.
  • Any item for which a teacher adds a due date is reflected in both the To-Do List and the Calendar.
  • Calendars do not auto-adjust for individualization. They just remove hidden items.
  • All items that have due dates added (including lesson links) must be allowed to submit late always or students will become stranded by the gating feature as they will be unable to mark complete but unable to move forward.