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Answer Keys

Target Audience: Teachers (Buzz)

Official teacher guides are located in the Resource folder of every course:

teacher guide in resource folder

Use the table of contents to quickly locate the course answer keys (the page number of the answer keys will vary):

Answer ket visible in Table of Contents

  • Available types:
    • Key-LMS – These are generally quizzes and exams which have keys built into the assignment grading area.
    • Rubric – These have rubrics built into the assignment grading area, and do not necessarily have objective correct/incorrect answers.
    • Answer Key – These are hyperlinks to a worksheet with correct answers.
      Answer key options.
  • If a rubric or Key LMS is indicated, those will be visible in the teacher’s Needs Grading area:
    rubric sample
  • Quiz/exam answer key
    LMS built in answer key