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Accommodations Made By Administrators

Target Audience: Buzz Administrators

Although many accommodations are made by the teacher, there are a few associated with the student user account that only an administrator can make. These settings include the ability to:

  • never automatically assign zeros to past-due activities
  • ignore time limit on assessments (by default our assessments do not have time limits)
  • always allow SpeechStream in assessments (by default this is available to all students)
  • reduce the number of distractors (limit number of options) on a multiple-choice question

Only two of the four above options are relevant to Accelerate Education assessments. To not assign auto zeros or reduce the number of choices on a multiple-choice exam for an individual student, follow the directions below.

  1. Select the hamburger menu from your admin account » Users.
    Buzz admin hamburger menu
  2. Search for the student’s user account by typing their name in the filter.
  3. Drill down on the student’s hyperlinked user ID number.
  4. Scroll down on the default Details tab until the Accommodations section is visible.
    User detail tab - accommodation section
  5. Scroll back to the top of the screen once the selection is made and select Save.

The setting is applied to all courses in which the student is enrolled.