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Assignment Remains in Needs Grading

Target Audience: Teachers (Buzz)

There are two reasons why graded or exempted activities remain in the teacher’s Needs Grading View.

Reason #1: Needs Grading Page was not Refreshed

The Needs Grading page refreshes automatically if a user leaves the view and then re-enters. However, you are not finished grading, it is possible to refresh the page view without leaving and re-entering.

  • Select the Refresh icon within the Needs Grading view:
    refresh icon highlighted
    We suggest refreshing the view periodically as you grade the day’s submissions.

Reason #2: Assignment was Hidden

If students submit an assignment and then the assignment is hidden, the submitted activity can not be cleared from the Needs Grading view without taking other actions first. To clear these submissions:

  1. Navigate to the course editor (pencil icon associated with the course).
    Course editor icon highlighted
  2. Locate the assignment and reverse the hide action » eye then appears black and open.
    **If the item was hidden from a group only, select the Groups Settings tab to un-hide the activity.
  3. Return to the Needs Grading view. Filter for the assignment name.
  4. Grade or exempt all submitted assignments.
  5. Return to the editor view.
  6. Re-hide the item.

To avoid in the future:

  • Make all course edits prior to the start of the semester.
  • If an edit is needed after students begin, always check the Needs Grading submissions prior to hiding. Grade and then hide. Once hidden, the grade is removed from the grade calculation.

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