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Associate a User as an Observer

Target Audience: Buzz Administrators

Image Adding Observer Video Short

Administrators do not enroll observers into courses; they associate the observer with one or more students. To create observer role associations:

  1. Verify that all observers have had user accounts created within the platform. Users cannot be associated as an observer without first having their own user account created.
  2. Select here to download the observer template.
  3. Enter the observer’s username (adult username) in column B.
  4. Enter the student’s username with whom the observer is associated in column C.
  5. Complete the template carefully, assuring the associations are correct.
    Sample observer template.
    In the above example, notice the adult observer MaBrown_P is associated with two different students. Likewise, the student ZaHorn is associated with two observers.
  6. Copy data on the completed spreadsheet (include row 1 – column headings).
  7. Navigate to the domain homepage/dashboard.
  8. Select the ellipsis menu (3 dots) » Import observers.
    Admin App ellipsis icon highlighted.
  9. Paste previously copied template data into the large blank space on the import screen.
  10. Select Validate data and check for errors. If errors are visible, stop the import action and correct errors before continuing.
  11. Select Import data. Check for errors before selecting Done. If errors are visible, note the error message and correct the template before re-importing.