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Canvas – Course Maintenance Process

Target Audience: Canvas Administrators

There are several types of course updates that occur throughout the year. Some edits require no action on the school’s part while others do.

Yearly Actions:

All programs are encouraged to take new course cartridges each year so that courses delivered to students reflect the latest updates, enhancements, and/or fixes.

Lesson Content Updates:

Course lesson page content is updated in Accelerate’s proprietary Content Management System (CMS). If an update is needed within a lesson page, the edit is made by Accelerate staff within the CMS. Once these edits are published, the changes are immediately visible in all courses across all platforms, including Canvas.

Course Settings and Assessment Activities:

If an update is needed to a course setting or within an LMS asset (assignment, discussion, journal, computer-scored assessment, etc.), the edit will be made in Accelerate’s master course copy and the corresponding common cartridge file will be posted in Dropbox. The edit will then be communicated out to customers so they may mirror the change(s) in their local course copy.

If you would like to subscribe to in-year updates affecting course settings or LMS assets, please submit your contact information via this form.