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Taking Notes in Buzz

Target Audience: Buzz Users

The Buzz Learning Management system has a feature that allows students to take notes while they are working through the content.

Below are some key best practices and access suggestions.

  • Both students and teachers have the ability to take notes within the platform. To access notes, select the note icon located to the left of the profile menu on the course navbar.
    arrow points to note icon
  • A side panel opens when the icon is selected. Select the Plus button to add the note desired.
    Note panel open Plus icon visible
  • When a note is typed we suggest adding a page number reference at the start or end as this will improve the efficiency of returning to the exact page later. Select Save when done.
    sample note - page # noted
  • To return to a note at a later select the hamburger menu from any view and select the Notes name or notes icon.
    Notes options highlighted on two menu views
  • Notes will be timestamped and can be viewed by course or all together. Select the hyperlinked lesson name to return to the note. Before selecting the hyperlink pay attention to the page # of the lesson where the note is located. Use the lesson table of contents to skip to the page immediately.
    Saved notes view
    Table of contents view grades 6-12