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Progress Reports & Other Notifications

Target Audience: Administrators

Programs that are hosted on Accelerate Education’s Buzz platform have the ability to opt in to certain push notifications. These include:

  • Student Progress Report – The Student Progress Report is a weekly summary report that is disseminated each week on Sunday. It is sent to observers to provide them with a high level snapshot of their student(s) progress to date and pace in their online course(s).
  • New Enrollment Notification – This automated notification alerts user when there is a new enrollment tied to their account. This notification can be directed at students to let them know about an enrollment assigned to them, or it can be directed to a teacher to alert them when a student has been placed in one of their courses.
  • Final Grade Report – The Final Grade Report is a summary report that is issued to students upon the teacher having recorded a final grade for the course.
  • Grade Out Exception – The Grade Out Exception notification is issued to a teacher alerting then that a student was unable to be graded out of a course due to one or more outstanding ungraded assignments.

Notifications are enabled at a domain for one or more audience: Administrators, Teachers, Students, Observers.

Administrators may submit a request via the Support Portal to request that these notifications be turned on for their domain(s).

Sample notifications can be viewed here.