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Require Passing Grade – Setting & Impact

Target Audience: Teachers (Buzz)

Teachers have the ability to modify the settings of graded activities within each course. On occasion, teachers make a modification without understanding the desired impact. Requiring an activity to earn a passing grade is one of the settings that often leads to an unintended consequence.

Require Passing Grade for Course Credit:


  • Course Editor (pencil icon)
  • Activity Editor (pencil icon)
  • Settings tab
  • Advanced gradebook options

Note, this box is never checked by default.

Activity settin - advanced gradebook options

If the teacher enters a passing score and checks the box: Require a passing score for course credit see impact below.


When the above setting is selected, students and teachers often see an overall course grade of 0% even though the student’s average is much higher than a zero.

Gradebook reflects a course average of zero


  • The first assignment had the setting changed to require a passing score to earn course credit.
  • The student did not meet the threshold of 70%.
  • Thus, the overall score becomes a zero percentage as a student cannot earn credit without passing this assignment.


If this was the desired intent the two most crucial actions are:

  • Messaging to students and families such requirements.
  • Allowing for appropriate additional attempts so that students can re-do the activity to earn a passing grade.

If this was not the desired outcome:

  • Return to the course editor – select the pencil icon associated with the course from the teacher homepage.
  • Select the pencil icon associated with the graded activity(s) impacting the course score.
  • Return Advanced gradebook options to their default settings
    (remove passing grade and un-check require passing box)
    Required passing box unchecked.
  • Select Save.
  • Return to gradebook to view the expected course grade.
    Gradebook full average