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Viewing Inactive Students – Gradebook

Target Audience: Teachers (Buzz)

Although student data may seem to disappear from view when a student becomes inactive, it never truly disappears. Student enrollments become inactive if:

  • The administrator withdraws or manually changes the enrollment status to anything but active.
  • The teacher grades the student’s participation assignment and auto-completes the student out of the class.
  • The student’s enrollment is more than 14 days past the enrollment end date.

To view or export gradebook data of an inactive enrollment:

  1. Access the course gradebook (bar graph icon).
  2. Select the gear icon.
  3. Scroll to view the Other view options.
  4. Check the box to the left of Show inactive enrollment.
    inactive enrollment option checked
  5. Select Save in the upper right corner.

Once the inactive enrollments appear in the gradebook, users can export via the wrench icon if desired.

gradebook wrench icon menu