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Planned Curriculum Updates for SY24-25

Accelerate Education has an ongoing process to evaluate available course offerings and determine whether curriculum updates are needed. There are numerous factors taken into consideration as part of this evaluation process, including the length of time a course has been in production, recent or anticipated changes in state and national standards, changes in technology, end user feedback, updates to the subject matter area that may render existing content obsolete, as well as overall student course performance. The results of this analysis help inform Accelerate’s curriculum development priorities and the schedule of new and updated courses released each year.

To learn more about which course titles are undergoing changes and/or which new course titles will be added to Accelerate Education’s course catalog for the upcoming school year, please view this summary of planned curriculum updates for SY24-25.

Please note that new and updated courses will be released in Buzz on or around June 1st and in Canvas and Schoology on or around July 1st (except where noted). A more specific schedule of delivery dates by course will be available later this spring.