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Elementary Workbooks for SY24-25

Accelerate Education offers schools the opportunity to purchase optional print workbooks for students to accompany K – 5 core courses. Workbooks can be shipped to a school location or directly to individual student homes.

There are 4 workbooks being re-published for SY24-25 on account of new course releases. The updated workbooks include Language Arts 5 A & B and Social Studies 5 A & B.

For information on how to place workbook orders, and to access the latest order template and submission form, please refer to the K-5 Workbook Orders page in our knowledge base.

Workbook orders for SY24-25 are being accepted now.

Planned Curriculum Updates for SY24-25

Accelerate Education has an ongoing process to evaluate available course offerings and determine whether curriculum updates are needed. There are numerous factors taken into consideration as part of this evaluation process, including the length of time a course has been in production, recent or anticipated changes in state and national standards, changes in technology, end user feedback, updates to the subject matter area that may render existing content obsolete, as well as overall student course performance. The results of this analysis help inform Accelerate’s curriculum development priorities and the schedule of new and updated courses released each year.

To learn more about which course titles are undergoing changes and/or which new course titles will be added to Accelerate Education’s course catalog for the upcoming school year, please view this summary of planned curriculum updates for SY24-25.

Please note that new and updated courses will be released in Buzz on or around June 1st and in Canvas and Schoology on or around July 1st (except where noted). A more specific schedule of delivery dates by course will be available later this spring.

Buzz Discontinues SMS Text Notifications

Accelerate Education customers using the Buzz LMS should be aware that Buzz has discontinued text notifications for users. Previously, users – including students, teachers, and observers – could opt in to receive text notifications about relevant Buzz activity such as an assignment being submitted, a grade being posted, etc.

While text notifications are no longer available, users can continue to opt-in to receive key notifications via email.

Customers should consider proactively alerting their users about this change.

Elementary Workbooks for SY23-24

Accelerate Education offers schools the opportunity to purchase optional print workbooks for students to accompany K – 5 core courses.

For SY23-24, Accelerate’s workbook order process will remain unchanged. Schools will continue to submit orders via an online submission form and will have the option of having workbooks centrally delivered to a school location or shipped directly to individual student homes.

Schools should be aware that there are 8 workbooks being re-published for SY23-24 on account of new course releases. The updated workbooks include Science 2 A & B, Science 3 A & B, Social Studies 2 A & B, and Social Studies 3 A & B.

It is imperative that schools access and use the correct SY23-24 workbook order template to ensure that the correct book versions are ordered!

For information on the individual ISBN changes for the upcoming school year, please click on the image above to download Accelerate’s full SY23-24 workbook list.

For information on how to place workbook orders and to access links to the order template and submission form, please refer to the K-5 Workbook Orders page in our knowledgebase.

Workbook orders for SY23-24 will begin shipping by July 1st. 

Planned Curriculum Updates for SY23-24

Learn more about which course titles are undergoing changes and which new course titles will be added to Accelerate Education’s course catalog with this summary of planned curriculum updates for SY23-24.

03.06.2023: Updated to reflect that four CTE titles will be renamed in Accelerate Education’s catalog (the content in these CTE courses will remain unchanged).

New Training Site for Admins and Teachers

Please be aware that the URL for our Training and Professional Development resource site has changed. It is now While site visitors will be seamlessly redirected from the old URL, users who previously bookmarked should update their bookmarks with the new URL as soon as possible.

Over the last several months we have added many new and updated resources to this training site for both teachers and administrators. We have also greatly simplified the site navigation to make it easier to find answers to your most pressing questions. If you haven’t visited in a while, we encourage you to check it out!

Delivering Accelerate Courses in Schoology

Schools who have adopted Schoology as their Learning Management System can now deliver Accelerate Education courses directly in Schoology without sacrificing any of the features or functionality that platform has to offer.

Accelerate now offers full Schoology versions of most K-12 online courses. Beginning June 1st, these can be delivered to schools, fully configured, through a Schoology Group Resource. (Previously, the only option to access Accelerate courses from within Schoology was by way of a thin common cartridge.)

For more information about how Accelerate’s Schoology course delivery compares to delivery on other platforms, please see our support page on Hosting on Different LMS Platforms.

Schools interested in accessing Schoology course versions for SY22-23 may contact their Accelerate representative to obtain necessary access codes.

Ordering K-5 Workbooks for SY22-23

Accelerate Education is now accepting workbook orders for SY22-23! Fall workbook orders will begin shipping on July 1st.

There are a number of notable changes to our workbook order process for this year. Highlights include the following:

  1. Accelerate is working with a new Memphis-based fulfillment partner, Mimeo, for SY22-23. With Mimeo, schools will experience a streamlined order process with specific improvement in overall fulfillment timelines.
  2. Schools should anticipate this change in partners will be reflected on any shipping labels, packing slips, and email confirmations associated with their workbook orders. Schools are encouraged to alert stakeholders about this change.
  3. Accelerate has published a new, consolidated order form that schools can use to place both bulk (shipped to school) and batch (shipped direct to students) orders. Previously these orders needed to be separated onto different order templates.
  4. Authorized individuals may upload completed orders directly via our online submission form for faster processing.
  5. If a valid recipient email address is provided on the submitted order form, recipients will receive a confirmation email from when their order is shipped. This email will include the individual tracking number(s) and expected delivery date.
  6. The previous Workbooks Online portal ( has been sunset. Beginning July 1, schools will have access to Mimeo’s customer portal where they can query and export detailed order information for their program.

For more information on placing workbook orders, please refer to our K-5 Workbook Orders page. Available SY22-23 Workbook titles include the following:

Workbook TitleISBN
Language Arts 1 A978-1-63916-014-3
Language Arts 1 B978-1-63916-015-0
Language Arts 2 A978-1-63916-101-0
Language Arts 2 B978-1-63916-121-8
Language Arts 3 A978-1-63916-102-7
Language Arts 3 B978-1-63916-019-8
Language Arts 4 A978-1-63916-020-4
Language Arts 4 B978-1-63916-021-1
Language Arts 5 A978-1-63916-022-8
Language Arts 5 B978-1-63916-023-5
Language Arts K A978-1-63916-012-9
Language Arts K B978-1-63916-013-6
Math 1 A978-1-63916-097-6
Math 1 B978-1-63916-112-6
Math 2 A978-1-63916-098-3
Math 2 B978-1-63916-123-2
Math 3 A978-1-63916-109-6
Math 3 B978-1-63916-116-4
Math 4 A978-1-63916-099-0
Math 4 B978-1-63916-009-9
Math 5 A978-1-63916-100-3
Math 5 B978-1-63916-124-9
Math K A978-1-63916-096-9
Math K B978-1-63916-122-5
Workbook TitleISBN
Science 1 A978-1-63916-108-9
Science 1 B978-1-63916-120-1
Science 2 A978-1-63916-104-1
Science 2 B978-1-63916-125-6
Science 3 A978-1-63916-105-8
Science 3 B978-1-63916-126-3
Science 4 A978-1-63916-044-0
Science 4 B978-1-63916-045-7
Science 5 A978-1-63916-106-5
Science 5 B978-1-63916-047-1
Science K A978-1-63916-036-5
Science K B978-1-63916-037-2
Social Studies 1 A978-1-63916-107-2
Social Studies 1 B978-1-63916-117-1
Social Studies 2 A978-1-63916-028-0
Social Studies 2 B978-1-63916-029-7
Social Studies 3 A978-1-63916-118-8
Social Studies 3 B978-1-63916-119-5
Social Studies 4 A978-1-63916-032-7
Social Studies 4 B978-1-63916-033-4
Social Studies 5 A978-1-63916-103-4
Social Studies 5 B978-1-63916-127-0
Social Studies K A978-1-63916-024-2
Social Studies K B978-1-63916-025-9

End-of-Year Wrap Up & Back to School Planning for SY22-23

With summer quickly approaching, teachers and administrators should be actively preparing to transition from this academic year to the next. We have prepared a detailed program update to help guide and inform these planning efforts.

Curriculum Updates – find out which courses are being added to our catalog, which are being retired, and which are undergoing updates for SY22-23.

Workbook Updates – for programs offering print workbooks to their K-5 learners, find out which workbooks will be re-published under a new ISBN for SY22-23.

Course Delivery – find out what the course delivery process will look like for your program based on which learning management system you will be using for SY22-23.

Notable Platform Updates – for programs hosted by Accelerate Education, find out what is changing in your Buzz environment for SY22-23.

School Year Closeout Reminders – access checklists and helpful reminders geared towards teachers and administrators.

Training and Support Options – find out what training and support options are available to support both new and returning teachers and administrators.