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Bulk Activity Edits – Teachers

Target Audience: Teachers (Buzz)

It is not uncommon for schools or individual teachers to want to make bulk changes to assessments or assignments. This article focuses on edits teachers might make at a course level. Although bulk actions can save time, they can also on occasion cause difficulties. As a teacher, always follow school policies before making any change within a course.

Course Wide Changes (Teachers)

If the changes you are making are global setting changes across all courses in your school (e.g., all students should have 2 attempts on all quizzes) consider asking your administrator to place a request via our GAM (Global Assessment Modifier) process as it is more efficient to process at a domain level than for teachers to process and change course by course.

The most common changes teachers want to make in bulk across a course are:

  • Updating the number of attempts on quizzes or exam assessments
    • Not recommended
    • Possible, but not suggested as feedback cannot be changed in bulk. If changing # of attempts you should also change the Assessment review settings.
    • Have your administrator submit a GAM request instead, as this can address both needs at the same time.
  • Hiding a group of activities all at one time
    • Good Use
    • Remember, only hide activities that are never to be seen or completed by students. Do not use the hide option to control student pacing.
    • If hiding all activities within a grade category, we suggest updating the course grading weights.
    • Remember to never hide the Participation assignment.
  • Range course – allow items to be completed after the due date
    • Great usage
    • This must be done to prevent students from being stuck in Range courses where teachers assign due dates.
    • It is not necessary for Continuous courses (platform determines pacing).

How to Make Bulk Updates (Teachers)

  1. Select the pencil icon (editor) for the desired course.
  2. Select the Activity List tab within the navbar.
    Editor view - activity list tab highlighted
  3. Open the Filter by type menu.
  4. Select the type of activity from the menu. Only one action can be completed across all activity types (the ability to hide content).
    Activity type menu
  5. Check the box to the left of any activity that is to be edited. You can select all with one click if the change will apply to all in the activity type.
  6. Select the pencil icon within the navbar » and a pop-up window opens.
    Activity list pencil icon highlighted
  7. Make the desired changes. Always select the box and then confirm additional options are not available via a dropdown menu. See example below:
    menu example
  8. Check “I understand….” box » and then Update to close the pop-up view.
  9. Repeat as needed for other activity types.

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