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Edit Graded Activity

Target Audience: Teachers (Buzz)

Teachers have the ability to edit assessments as desired. Before making any edits:

  • Teachers should confirm the school’s editing policy with administrators.
  • Determine if the edits are long-term. If so, it is best to edit in a school master class rather than editing directly in a course with student enrollments. Work with your administrator to find out if the school has school masters and if this is possible.
  • Once edited, updates from Accelerate Education may not flow down to the assignment.

To Edit Graded Activities:

  1. Access the course editor (select pencil icon).
    Pencil - editor icon highlighted
  2. Locate the activity to edit » select the associated ellipsis menu.
    Syllabus activity ellipsis view
  3. Select Duplicate
    Activity ellipsis menu
  4. Drag the duplicated assignment to be located directly below the original.
  5. Select the pencil icon on one of the two activities.
  6. Edit the title of the assignment to include (Original) and Save.
  7. Hide the activity that is labeled original.
    One duplicate hidden
  8. Select the pencil icon of the duplicate assignment (un-hidden, without the word Original in the title).
  9. See below for edit options.
Assignment Edits:

Most assignment edits are made on the Activity tab. Edits here include changes to directions or worksheet links included. Add, delete or edit as desired.

Activity Directions

Occasionally, assignment settings also need to be edited. Select the Settings tab and edit. When all directions and settings are edited select Save.

Quiz/Exam Edits:

*** Before editing quiz or exam settings, discuss with your administrators as it may be possible and appropriate for the administrator to place a request for these settings to be changed in bulk across all classes.

To edit quiz or exam questions:

  1. Select the pencil icon associated with the given quiz/exam.
  2. Select the Questions tab.
  3. Select the question in the left window pane.
  4. Select the trash can icon to delete the question
  5. Change text on the screen as needed.
  6. Select Save before leaving the question tab.

question editor view