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Canvas – Importing Accelerate Education Courses

Target Audience: Canvas Administrators

To start the process of adding Accelerate courses to a program’s Canvas LMS, an Accelerate representative will:

  • Email the identified person both a Consumer Key and a Shared Secret. These will be needed during the course import process to configure an External App using LTI. A second set of credentials may be provided if using certain AP or CTE titles.
  • Grant access to one or more Dropbox folders containing common cartridge exports (.imscc files) for each course.

Once the above items are received:

(Select here to download a PDF file with the following steps.)

  1. Access the provided Dropbox folder. Navigate to the .imscc file of the course you want to import and select download.
    Dropbox folder
  2. Verify you have the following information available prior to starting the import process:
    – Launch URL:
    – Domain:
    – Program-specific Key and Secret (provided by an Accelerate representative)
  3. Log in to Canvas and select the Admin tab » Courses within the vertical menu.
  4. Select the +Course button in the upper right.
    Admin Course tab
  5. Complete the fields on the Add a New Course card and then select Add Course button.
    –  Course Name and Reference Code must have data.
    –  This action creates a course shell, but the content is not yet loaded.
  6. Open the newly created course course by selecting the hyperlinked course name within the Admin tab Courses view.
  7. Select Import Existing Content from the options on the right.
    Import Existing Option in Canvas
  8. Select Content Type dropdown menu » Canvas Course Export Package.
    Content Type dropdown menu
  9. Select Choose file and choose the appropriate common cartridge for the course you are loading. Remember to extract the files from the previously downloaded zipped folder before importing.
  10. Select the All content radio button and deselect the Import existing quizzes as New Quizzes » Import.
    import screen
    An error message will display once the import process is completed. This is a reminder that you still need to add the LTI credentials provided before the course setup is complete.
    sample error message
  11. Return to your course list and drill into the course where content was just loaded. Content links should be visible on the Home view.
  12. Select the Settings option from the lower left side of the Courses tab once in the course.
  13. Select the Apps tab and then the View App Configurations button.
    App tab _Canvas Course
  14. Select the menu to the right of the tool labeled Accelerate » Edit.
    tool menu
  15. Replace the text that appears in the Consumer Key fields and Shared Secret fields with the information you were provided.
    –  Do not be concerned if the initial Key entry shows “fake.”
    –  This is simply an artifact of the common cartridge process. However, you must add the credentials provided in order for course content to load.
      Warning: Do not alter or remove the items in the Custom Fields area.
    Edit App Pop-up Window
  16. Select Submit once the Key and Secret have been entered.
  17. Repeat this process for each course you want to import into Canvas.

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