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Late Starting Students

Target Audience: Administrators/Mentors (Buzz)

When a student joins a program a week or two after the start of a semester, it is best for the student to complete all assigned content within a course. However, when students join a program after a significant delay, modifications may be needed to help the student successfully complete the course. There are a number of considerations which may inform your approach.

Rolling Enrollments:

If your program supports rolling course enrollments (i.e., students have individualized start and end dates), then it is best to have the student complete the full course for continuity and consistency, and to ensure the student is exposed to all content at a more natural pacing.

Fixed Semester Dates:

If all students must finish their courses as of the same semester end date, no matter their start date, then the amount of content presented to the late-starting students may need to be reduced. When reducing course content, consider the following:

  • Was the student previously exposed to the same/similar content (i.e., at their prior school)? If so, consider removing (hiding) content that the student has already covered.
    • Request a syllabus of content covered from the prior school.
    • If unable to obtain information from the prior school, speak to the student and evaluate their understanding of topics covered.
    • Use the course syllabus (found in the Teacher’s Guide) to evaluate the corresponding lessons/modules/activities that are appropriate to hide from the student.
  • If the student has not been previously exposed to the same content, consider abbreviating the course by removing latter modules and/or reducing assignments. The missed modules can be assigned to the student the following semester.
  • The reference table below may assist in determining the extent to which modifications may be needed.
  Per Module Per Week
18 Module Course Approximately 1 Week 1 Module
6 Module Course Approximately 3 Weeks 1/3 Module

Using District Teachers:

Below are two resources for district teachers who need to hide content for late starting students:

Creating Groups
Using Groups to Hide Content

Using Accelerate Teachers:

For schools that contract to use Accelerate teachers, please do not reach out to the teacher directly to request to have content hidden. Instead, please follow the process below:

  1. Evaluate what content you wish hidden using the suggestions listed above.
  2. Note what you would like hidden. Below are examples of how you might opt to hide:
    1. Specific (full) modules.
    2. A combination of full modules and individual lessons and associated graded activities.
    3. Certain activity types (g. all discussions, all quizzes, etc.).
    4. Specific activities.
  3. Complete the table below:
Student Name  
Student ID
Course Name  
Course ID  
Description of what needs to be hidden

Please be as detailed as possible with what you wish to be hidden.


Sample Completed Table:

Student Name Jane Doe
Student ID 19865462
Course Name Earth Science A (DVA) 22-23
Course ID 187653480
Description of what needs to be hidden

Please be as detailed as possible with what you wish hidden.

Please hide:
Modules 1-3.


Please hide:
Module 1, 3 and the first two lessons and associated graded activities in Lesson 4

  1. Submit a ticket via our Support Desk: to submit your request. Copy the table above with the requested information within the ticket.

Optional: If submitting a request for multiple courses or students, you can also create a spreadsheet with this information and attach it to the ticket.

Once the ticket is submitted, please allow up to 48 hours for the requested modifications to be put in place.

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