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LMS Student Learning Tools

Target Audience: All

Learning tools are built into the LMS and are visible to all students when viewing content. If viewing the content within the Buzz LMS, these tools are on by default. If viewing content from within your school’s Canvas or Schoology LMS, make sure your IT team has enabled the SpeechStream option. Note, third-party pop-up blockers for your LMS must be disabled to view the toolbar.

What it looks like:

Learning Toolbar

Tool Controls (1)  and (8)  

  • (1)   When grabbed, the double arrow allows users to move the toolbar to other locations on the page.
  • (8)  The chevron icon located on the far right of the toolbar allows users to collapse the toolbar and later reopen. The image below shows the toolbar collapsed.
    collapsed toolbar

Text-to-Speech (2)

There are four icons that are used to start, pause, and stop text-to-speech options.

  • The finger allows users to start the text-to-speech anywhere on the page.
  • The play icon starts the text-to-speech at the top of the page or highlighted section.
    Sample text to speech functionality

Translate Tool (3)

The A icon allows users to highlight a passage and select this icon to translate into over 80 languages. Although Spanish is the default translation language, users have the option to change this in the Tool Settings (7) reviewed below.
Translate tool
Selecting the play arrow on the pop-up window reads the translation in that language (when available).

Dictionary Tool (4)

There are two dictionary options available. Users highlight a single word and select the book icon to view the possible written definitions and parts of speech or the image icon to see a pictorial representation of the word.
Dictionary tools

Masking Tool (5)

The masking tool helps users focus their attention while reading the text on the screen.
masking tool

Magnify Tool (6)

The magnify option both enlarges and reads the text on the page out loud. The user just clicks where they would like to begin.
Enlarge tool

Tool Settings (7)

The gear icon is where users can change settings such as the translation language, as well as highlight colors and text-to-speech speed. When selecting a language, a speaker icon indicates users can both see and listen to the translation.
Learning Tools Settings

Additional Related Supports:

Additional Accessibility Options