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People Tool – Teacher View

Target Audience: Teacher (Buzz)

Teachers have two People view tools that provide information regarding:

  • course grade
  • pacing indicators
  • performance indicators
  • # late (past due) assignments
  • recent failures
  • online status

The two People view options are:

  • All active student enrollments – available via the hamburger menu on the teacher homepage.
    Teacher menu - people tool highlighted
  • Class People view – visible by selecting the People icon related to a course.
    Individual class people icon highlighted
How to adjust a People view:

To adjust and change the People view to see data most important to you:

  • Access the desired People view (via menu or people icon).
  • Select the gear icon.
    gear icon highlighted
  • Check or un-check the data you wish to view. (Default view visible below.)
    People options - default
  • Select Save.
Common adjustments:
  • Un-check self-assessment if students are not encouraged to use
  • Check Self-assessment change date if students are asked to use
  • Check Online to view if a student is presently online
  • Check Today to view the number of activities completed that day
  • Check Recently failed to see the number of the failed activities of the last five graded activities
  • Check Late to display the number of late activities

Sample Edited People View:

sample edited People view